CAPE Policy for Promotional Exam Challenges Updated to Ensure Timely Filings

CAPE representatives recently adopted a new policy and an updated method for the Association's assistance to members on their Promotional Exam Challenges.  The new policy will officially take effect on September 1, 2014.

The new policy will better ensure that the member timely files the initial Protest letter within the 10-day time limitation.  Likewise, CAPE remains the only County employee association that provides members with legal counsel, upon request, to provide representation at the Civil Service Commission level proceedings on their promotional exam challenges.

The new process engages CAPE representatives as early as possible.  Any CAPE member seeking to challenge a promotional exam result is strongly encouraged to contact the CAPE office immediately.  The Association will provide a letter that details, step by step, how to prepare and file the initial Protest letter as well as, if needed, important information on the procedures to be pursued beyond the County’s initial decision regarding the member’s Protest.  If the member has any further questions regarding filing the initial Protest letter, he or she should contact a CAPE Business Agent for answers.  The member will have all the information needed to prepare and timely file the initial Protest letter with the County’s Department of Human Resources, Appeals Division. 

If the member is not satisfied with the decision of the Appeals Division, the member should call CAPE immediately to receive further direction in filing an appeal with the Civil Service Commission within the 10-day time limitation. 

Once the member provides CAPE with a copy of the member’s appeal filed with the Civil Service Commission, and a written request for CAPE representation, we will send it to outside Counsel for review and provide the member representation at the Civil Service Commission proceedings.    

The new policy is designed to make sure members' promotional challenges are properly initiated in a timely manner, and to provide guidance for a successful outcome.  Most importantly, the new policy preserves CAPE's long-standing and unique practice of providing members representation by an attorney at the Civil Service Commission proceedings. 

Again, members interested in challenging their promotional exam results should immediately contact the CAPE office.  Strict time limitations apply, so please do not delay. 

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