A Win-Win: Reducing County Liability, Increasing Revenue

CAPE represented employees at the Department of Public Work’s Right of Way Engineering Unit are tasked with the job of transferring unused County property to private interests who do have a use for it. Although only five in number, their job is an important one as getting rid of excess County property not only reduces liability, but it also allows the property to be used in a more constructive way. This also results in increased revenue to the County through an increased assessment.

For example, if a school or park wanted to improve its security by building a gate at the end of an unused alleyway, but couldn’t because they didn’t own the alley, they would turn to the Right of Way Unit and submit a request to take over the unused property. Once DPW receives that request, the Right of Way Engineering Unit goes to work and contacts any DPW division or County department that may have an interest in the property or has future plans for it. Assuming there are no objections, CAPE represented employees proceedwith vacating the easement and getting the Board of Supervisor’s approval in what ends up as a winwin situation.

CAPE members Alan Mercado, Moi Tan, and Paul Hernandez at the public counter.

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