Agency Shop

As a result of elections held in Bargaining Units 501, 511, 131, and 132, all Non-CAPE Members in these Bargaining Units are subject to an Agency Fee in order to pay their fair share of the costs associated with the representation they receive from CAPE. The fee is calculated as a percentage of full membership dues and it is recalculated on an annual basis by an independent audit.  The Agency Fee for the year ended December 31, 2014 is 0.82% of base salary.

Q & A 

What is Agency Shop? 
Agency Shop is a status bargaining units achieve in order to establish a fair dues system in which everyone in the Unit pays their fair share to support their bargaining representative. 

Which bargaining units are represented in an Agency Shop? 

CAPE currently represents four Agency Shop Units:  Unit 501, Professional Engineers; Unit 511, Engineering Technicians; Unit 131, Appraisers Non-Supervisory; and Unit 132, Supervisory Appraisers.

How is Agency Shop status achieved? 

The first step is to gather petition signatures from employees in the Unit requesting an Agency Shop election. Once the signature gathering is complete, the second step is a mail ballot election conducted by the county. The county mails ballots to all employees in the Unit (members and non-members) for their opportunity to vote to determine whether they want their Unit to be an Agency Shop. In all four elections, Unit 501, Unit 511, Unit 131, and Unit 132, a decisive majority voted in favor of Agency Shop status.

Why should everyone pay?

It is the only fair system. Everyone in CAPE's bargaining units benefits from the union's salary and fringe benefits collective bargaining. Agency Shop ensures that everyone who shares in the benefits also shares in the efforts.

What is the amount of the Agency Shop/"Fair Share" fee

The "Fair Share" fee is the same for non-members in all CAPE-represented Units that have an Agency Shop. The "Fair Share" fee is currently 0.82% of monthly base salary, whereas, full membership dues are 1% of monthly base salary. The “Fair Share” fee is calculated by a CPA firm, which conducts a thorough audit of CAPE to determine the appropriate amount. The fee is recalculated annually.

Why isn’t the "Fair Share" fee equal to member dues? 
There are benefits and services that CAPE only provides to full union members. For example, members receive expanded job protection services, career guidance, important information, a $25,000 life insurance policy, and other member-only benefits. State law mandates that non-members cannot be charged for these and other services that are available only to full union members.

If I am a member, will I ever be charged a "Fair-Share" fee in addition to my membership dues? 

No. You either pay the “Fair Share” fee OR 1% full membership dues. Under no circumstances will a member be assessed a “Fair Share” fee in addition to membership dues.

I am an Agency Shop “Fair Share” fee-payer, but would like to enjoy the benefits of membership. 

Simply complete a CAPE membership application and your status will change from Agency Shop “Fair Share” fee-payer to full CAPE member. 

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