CAPE's lobbyist in Sacramento, Tim Yaryan, sent Sen. Mike McGuire, the chair of the state's Senate Governance and Finance Committee, a letter on behalf of the union urging him to vote "aye" on AB 1250 when it comes before his committee.

AB 1250 is an act to add a section to the Government Code regarding counties contracts for personal services,...

The terms of five (5) members of the Board of Directors expire as of September 2017. Additionally, one (1) vacant seat left open due to the death of Brent Decker is also open for a one-year term. CAPE members interested in running for a term on the Board of Directors are invited to submit a Nominating Petition signed by 20 CAPE members, plus the nominee...

A Message from the CAPE Board of Directors

Welcome to the California Association of Professional Employees' website.  We created this site to assist you in learning more about CAPE, the services and benefits we provide, and the outstanding work of our dedicated members.

CAPE represents a diverse group of more than 2700 professional employees of the County of Los Angeles at several county departments including Public Works, the Assessor, Regional Planning, Internal Services, Parks & Recreation, the CEO, and Beaches & Harbors, as well as the County Sanitation Districts.  Together, they perform a wide variety of vital public services that support the nearly 10 million residents of LA County.

For nearly five decades, CAPE has provided our members with steadfast representation in the areas of collective bargaining of work contracts and fringe benefits, grievances, job-related legal counsel, health insurance, public relations, legislative advocacy, and more.  In the current caustic political climate, we are more dedicated than ever to ensuring the continuation of these services.

Thank you for visiting our website.  Please let us know if you have any suggestions on how we may better serve you and our community.

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The CAPE Board of Directors

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